PTA Organization

  • PTA Officers
  • Caroline PTA Bylaws
  • Budget
    Our current budget can be found below. Contact our treasurer ( if you have any questions.
    PTA budget
  • Reimbursements
    • Reimbursement Policy:
      The Caroline PTA reimburses for expenses that are associated with our programs and events. We will reimburse expenses paid for by event/program coordinators, officers, and others who are approved by our Executive Board.
    • Tax Exempt Status:
      As a tax exempt organization, we provide shoppers with a tax exempt form. Our treasurer can provide forms for those who need to make PTA purchases. Shoppers must use this form when making PTA purchases as we will not reimburse for sales tax. When making a purchase, please place your receipt in an envelope addressed to the “PTA Treasurer.” Make sure to specify the program or event for which the purchase has been made. Our treasurer typically reimburses expenses within a week of receiving a request.
    • Payments and Change:
      When a check is required for payment of services or products, the treasurer needs at least 24 hours notice. When change is needed for a cash box, seven days notice is appreciated.

    For any questions about the process, please e-mail the treasurer at