Caroline Sports Association

The Caroline Sports Association (CSA) would like to take this opportunity to welcome your family
to Caroline Elementary! Each of us has found Caroline to be a supportive and nurturing
environment for our children and families. We would like to think that CSA plays a role in
developing that sense of community, while providing our children with opportunities to play,
learn, and develop their interests while strengthening their ties to the community and building

The CSA does this by offering sports and activity programming throughout the school year. Those
activities, described in detail below, are open to children who are currently enrolled in Caroline
Elementary or are elementary school aged and reside within the Caroline Elementary School
catchment area.

The CSA consists of volunteer parents who oversee program development and coordination, as
well as upkeep of equipment and recruiting volunteer chaperones and coaches. The CSA
currently operates four programs. Announcements for enrollment are typically sent home in
backpack mail and posted on the Caroline list serve. Fees for each program are set based on
program expenses; you will find that the fees are low and well worth the investment. Scholarships
are also available. Here is a brief description.

To register for Fall 2022 Caroline soccer, click here.

If you have questions or are interested in a program, please email: Rachel Ash, Caroline Sports Association,