Caroline Savings Program

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The Savings Program operates every Thursday from 7:40-8:00 am (right before classes) on-site at Caroline. It is run by PARENT VOLUNTEER TELLERS in connection with Alternatives Federal Credit Union.


Kids will learn to save money in a fun, safe, non-competitive way. It’s simple.


  • Request an application (below) through backpack mail and open your own real savings account (which is good for life!) through Alternatives Federal Credit Union;
  • Deposit whatever you’ve got (1 penny is plenty) right into your private account on Thursday mornings from Caroline School;
  • Use your math to calculate how your savings grow and write it down in your own Savings book;
  • Get stickers and rewards for the NUMBER OF DEPOSITS you make! (NOT for the amount).┬áKids that routinely deposit a single coin often end up as winners of the Best Habit Prize. What we’re after is rewarding the habit and all it takes is a penny a week.

Alternatives Federal Credit Union is the only financial institution in the area to provide an in-school Savings Program for school children. No other bank does it and Alternatives operates at a financial loss to provide this community service. Caroline celebrates the Savings Program because it exposes kids to the idea of saving and provides them the opportunity to make it a habit – by depositing their own money every single Thursday. This is a worthy seed to sow!


Encourage your child! Help them fill out the paperwork and remind them to bring a coin in on Thursdays to discover that they can manage their own money. There is a one time fee of $3. Fee waivers available at the front office to eligible families.